Saturday, September 8, 2018

How to Remove/Block Ads in Google Chrome

No one likes advertisements specially if they are irrelevant to the user's interest.If we see any advertisement we may think what if we can delete this advertisement.Surfing through the google chrome will also be ridiculus when it comes to showing advertisement.

With the starting of year 2018 google chrome also  launched the automatic advertisement hiding feature within it,but that is not enough for the advertisement.But today i will discuss about the adblocking service which totally blocks the advertisement shown by the websites. Without taking your worthy time lets get into the steps of blocking the advertisements.  
Step 1: Open "Google Chrome"
Here we are using gogle chrome for browsing the internet. I personally recomend you to use this browser because the customizable feature of google chrome makes everyone's best choice.

Step 2: Download "AdBlock" Extension.
Adblock is one of the popular and most installed google chrome advertisement blocking extension which is 100% free  to use(also comes with premium option with more customizations and features) and gives 100% blocking of advertisements..To download the adblock extension for chrome click on tge following download link
After downloading AdBlock click on +Free option..

Step 3 : Now,Go to Setting>>Extensions>>Click on "AdBlock" Enable.
To enable the AdBlock you must have to go to setting panel along the menu and open extension block and enable 'AdBlock '.That's It.Enjoy the browsing without any advertisement.
Enjoy! :D
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