100 Essential Tech hacks You should know

Everyone's life will be made easier if they knew and used these awesome 100s tech hacks. These hacks can be useful to anyone, anytime.
Everyone's life will be made easier if they knew and used these awesome 100s  tech hacks. These hacks can be useful to anyone, anytime.

100 Essential Tech hacks You should know

  1. Running low on battery? Put your phone on Airplane mode and it'll charge much faster!
  2. Make a password into a goal of yours so you constantly have to be reminded of it.
  3. Need some free WiFi? The best places to go are Panera, McDonalds, Apple Store, Office Depot, Staples, and Courtyard Marriott.
  4. When buying something online only read the reviews that gave it 3 stars—they're usually the most honest about pros and cons.
  5. Any working cell phone, regardless if it is in service or not, will call 911.
  6. With the promo code "9ANY" you can get any pizza you want at Pizza Hut for $9.
  7. Want to save on your phone bill? Gmail offers free calling to anywhere in the US, as long as you have internet and a mic.
  8. Never use your favorite song as your alarm clock, you'll end up hating it.
  9. Storing batteries in the freezer can up to double their life span.
  10. You can use Google as a timer by typing "Set timer (x) minutes" into the search bar.
  11. At Disney World, you can request a wake up call from any Disney character!
  12. Need to test a printer? Print the Google homepage, it has all the colors and uses almost no ink.
  13. Go to youtube.com/disco and enter in an Artists name and YouTube will auto arrange a playlist based on uploads of that artist.
  14. Put a sticker with a fake PIN number on your debit card. If you lose it and someone tries to use it 3+ times, the machine will eat the card.
  15. Want a magazine subsription but dont want to pay full price? Hit up you local library, they usually dont take out those little cards with cheaper subscriptions. Grab one!
  16. Spam texts bothering you? Forward them to 7726, your carrier will reply asking for the number it came from to help stop spam.
  17. Open an incognito tab in your browser and sign into Pandora to get unlimited skips!
  18. If you're going for a run, the jog.fm app will select a music playlist for you based on your pace.
  19. Confusing Wikipedia article? Click "Simple English" on the left list of languages and it'll whisk you to a simplified version!
  20. Locket is an Android app that displays ads on your lock screen, this means you get paid every time you unlock your phone.
  21. Buying a car? Buy it at the end of the month. Salespeople have quotas to meet each month and will be more likely to cut you a deal.
  22. Using your phone while it's charging can damage the battery. This is why the cords for chargers are so short.
  23. Can't afford Microsoft Word? Get "open office", it's the same thing except it's free and has more features.
  24. Want to make sure you wake up in the morning? The Snooze App for iphone will donate to charity each time you hit the snooze button!
  25. Watching horror movies can burn up more than 180 calories.
  26. Drop a battery from 6 inches off the ground, if they give one small bounce and fall over they're good. If they bounce around anymore they're dead or almost dead.
  27. Try the SleepCycle iphone app iphone. This bio-alarm clock measures your cycle and wakes you at the lightest point in your sleep, meaning no more groggy mornings!
  28. If your phone battery is really low and you need it for later don't turn it off. Instead, put it on airplane mode. Turning it off and on will waste more battery life.
  29. If you mess up a voicemail to someone, press "#" to erase and re-record.
  30. Download the Apple free app of the week, even if you don't need it! You can delete it and re-download in "recently purchased" when you want.
  31. If you have a .edu email address, you can get an Amazon Prime acct. This lets you watch almost unlimited TV/Movies.
  32. Feeling lucky? Diamondcandles.com sells candles that after so long of burning reveal a ring valuing either 10, 100, 1000 or 5000 dollars!
  33. If you have a computer that blocks sites such as YouTube, Google Chrome’s incognito mode will let you access them.
  34. If you want to download a Youtube video, just add "ss" to the URL between www. and Youtube.
  35. If you are buying headphones/speakers, test them with Bohemian Rhapsody. It has the complete set of highs and lows in instruments and vocals.
  36. You can remember the value of pi (3.1415926) by counting each word's letters in "May I have a large container of coffee"
  37. If a Duracell battery leaks, and destroys one of your devices, the company will replace the device if it's sent to them with the defective batteries still in place.
  38. If you send Mickey and Minnie Mouse an invitation to your wedding they'll send you back an autographed photo and a "just married" button.
  39. If you put glow in the dark paint on your phone charger, you will never fumble in the dark again.
  40. FutureMe.org lets you send letters to yourself in the future
  41. Dial the French button when calling customer support. They always speak good English and you won't have to wait.
  42. Taking notes on the computer? Use a weird font. Studies have shown the uniqueness will make you more likely to remember them!
  43. Have a separate account on your laptop for presentations. This way, embarrassing personal things don't show up when you open it up in class.
  44. You can get a free cup of Dippin Dots on your birthday month. Just sign up for their email and they'll send you a coupon!
  45. Refreshing Pandora will change the song without using any of your skips.
  46. Instead of "Ctrl, Alt & Del", press "Ctrl, Shift and Escape" to get straight to the task-manager in Windows.
  47. If you're giving a big presentation, have a friend ask you a set question. This way, you'll look like you know your stuff really well.
  48. If you download a "PDF" file and you see it ends in "exe" delete it. It's usually a virus.
  49. On Nickreboot.com you can continuously stream 90's cartoons for free.
  50. Playing Tetris can increase brainpower by almost 150%
  51. Tired of the tiny Youtube player when using a 20+ inch monitor? Simply hold ctrl and scroll out (or ctrl and minus key) to increase the player size.
  52. If you play YouTube videos through Safari you can still listen to them with your phone's screen turned off.
  53. To get explicit tracks on iTunes Radio: play any station, click the "I" in the top center and turn explicit tracks on.
  54. On Blahtherapy.com you can vent your problems and secrets to a total stranger.
  55. Stop using Google.com to search information for school essays, use scholar.google.com instead. You will find more relevant information right away!
  56. On iOS 7, you can now block people from calling or texting you by going to settings>messages>blocked
  57. Wearing headphones do not make your farts silent. Keep this in mind.
  58. On camera, wearing yellow makes you look bigger and wearing green makes you look smaller.
  59. "Rhythm", "zephyr", and "sphynx" are the three best possible hangman words.
  60. Putting batteries in the refrigerator for a day before using them will double their lifespan.
  61. The program DeTune will transfer all of the songs from an iPod/iPhone and put them on you computer.
  62. On Televisor.com you can enter a show you like and it will recommend new shows to watch and where to find them online.
  63. Having trouble sleeping? Looking at photos of other people sleeping triggers a response in your brain that can make you feel more tired.
  64. Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads while playing games.
  65. Get a free Redbox movie: type in "dvdonme" when it asks for a promo code! At Walgreens, type in "dvdatwag" for a second one.
  66. If you want to buy the cheapest airline tickets online, use your browser's incognito mode. Prices go up if you visit a site multiple times.
  67. On ShelterPups.com you can send them a picture of your dog and they'll send you a stuffed animal that looks just like it
  68. Download music legally: Copy a Youtube URL with the song you want. Go to youtube-mp3.org. Enter the URL and press "Convert". Download!
  69. If your calculator runs out of batteries in the middle of an exam, rubbing the ends of the batteries together can give you an extra 15 mins.
  70. Wanna write essays and bibliographies like a PRO: Get the info from Wikipedia, and cite the sources listed at the bottom.
  71. Googling a computer problem? Add "solved" to the search query to find the answer much faster.
  72. Never send your resume as a word file. Instead, print it to a PDF file, it's much cleaner and professional looking.
  73. Easy way to wake up: Play a game on your phone! Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, Tetris, etc. It'll stimulate your mind and get it ready for the day.
  74. Music is so influential on the brain that the type you listen to acually has the ability to change the way you think and look at the world.
  75. On ShitYouCanAfford.com you can buy super cool gifts and gadgets for almost no money.
  76. Forgot your computer password? Boot up in safe mode (F8 during startup), log in as administrator and then change your password.
  77. An iPad charger will charge your iPhone much faster.
  78. Don’t want the person you’re calling to know that it’s you? Dial *67 before the number and he/she won’t have a clue.
  79. Taking a quick nap after learning something new can solidify that memory in your brain.
  80. If Internet Explorer can be brave enough to ask you to set him as your default browser, don't tell me you can't dare to ask a girl out.
  81. On Halloween, any kid can get a free scary face Halloween pancake at IHOP.
  82. If you want to access Pandora, Hulu or Netflix outside the United States, download the Chrome/Firefox extension called Mediahint.
  83. If you lost an Android phone in your house and it's on vibrate, you can find it by going to Google Play>Android device manager>'Ring'
  84. If you're using ios7 and your battery is draining like hell, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > switch it to OFF.
  85. SelfControl is a program that blocks sites like Facebook, Twitter and email for a specified period of time. So you can minimize distractions while you study/do homework.
  86. Sign up for the free 30 minute trial of on-board WiFi while flying. Delete cookies when trial ends. Start new trial.
  87. If you ever want to call a family meeting, just turn off the WiFi router and wait in the room in which its located.
  88. If you bought something on Amazon and the price goes down within 30 days you can email them and they will send you the difference!
  89. On Supercook.com you just enter what ingredients you have and it tells you what meals you can make and how you can make them.
  90. If someone presses all of the buttons on an elevator, you can avoid stopping on each floor by pressing each button again twice.
  91. If you accidentally close a tab, ctrl+shift+t reopens it.
  92. If there's an annoying customer behind you in the checkout line, you can press all four corners of the credit card machine to have it reset.
  93. Put your home number in your cell phone's contact list under "Owner" that way if someone finds it they can contact you.
  94. Out of "AA" batteries? You can use a "AAA" battery by filling the gap on the positive side with a small wad of tin foil.
  95. Try to spend more money on experiences and less on things.
  96. Want to get stuff done without people interrupting you? Just wear headphones, even if you're not listening to music.
  97. Take pictures of friends holding items you've lent them with your phone, so you remember down the road.
  98. iPhone pictures will be better quality if you take the picture and then zoom in instead of zooming in to take the picture.
    100 Essential Tech hacks You should know
  99. Pump up the volume on your iPhone/iPod by putting it in a bowl, the concave shape amplifies the music!
  100. Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.

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