Awesome legal Facebook Tricks of 2023

1. Hide Message Seen On Facebook 2. Make Invisible Page on Facebook With This Facebook Hack 3. Facebook Video Downloader 4. How To Delete Facebook Account 5. How To View Private Facebook Pictures
Well almost 9 out of 10 people uses Facebook. Facebook is now a part of our life. many people just know about using messaging,status and other common things. But here is something new if you are daily facebook user or facebook addict then these facebook tricks will definitely help you !!. Here is collection of best facebook tricks use these latest facebook hacks which will make you cool user of facebook 😀

 Facebook is world’s best and most popular social networking website will help us to connect with our friends,family and also helps us to discover new friends !! Also facebook is helping many people to run their business. Facebook is the largest social network with billions of active users every month and it is available in more than 70 languages over the world. Recently it created the history by touching the mark of 1 billion active users per day.We love to use Facebook in daily life on facebook we chat with our friends,share pictures,share videos,comments,share our emotions and many more !!

 If you want to make using facebook more interesting then you are at right place. 
You can easily make facebook more interesting with latest working facebook tricks. So here I am sharing Best Facebook Tricks 2023 :

Best Facebook Tricks 2023

Facebook Tricks 2023

#1. Hide Message Seen On Facebook

Now facebook shows a “SEEN” mark when you read a message. Sometime you don’t want to reply a message but you want to read it then here comes the problem !! With this facebook tricks you can hide seen message on facebook You can easily do this just by installing a chrome extension. Download UnSeen Extension 

#2. Make Invisible Page on Facebook With This Facebook Hack

Now you can also create a Ghost facebook page or facebook invisible page that is a page without any name !. Just follow the steps below to make a hidden facebook fan page :
  • First of all go to create new Facebook page option.
  • now just select any Category you want.
  • Now copy the code inside the brackets [᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌] and paste in the name field that’s it.
  • Now just click on I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and then Get Stated.
  • That’s it You are done !!

#3. Facebook Video Downloader

There are many tutorials online which allows you to download videos from facebook but all of them requires you to use any software or any kind of plugin to download facebook videos but this can be easily done with facebook video downloader. You can download photos from Facebook from easily.So, here i’m providing a quick and step by step guide on facebook video downloader free without any software.
  • First of all go to the Facebookvideo that you want to download in your pc . The video url will look like the below url.
  • Now just change www in the url with m and leave everything else as they are and press enter. Now the video url will start looking something like below.
  • Now play the video and once the video start playing right-click on it and click on SaveVideo As option in the right-click menu.
  • After you will click on it a pop up will come and ask you for the location where you want to save it on your pc or laptop.
  • After selecting the place just click on the save button and it will start download facebook videos.

#4. How To Delete Facebook Account

Step 1 : Log in you Facebook account which you want to delete.

 Step 2 : Deleting facebook account will permanently deletes your all data on facebook.So, if want to save your facebook photos,messages you can simply download facebook data. 

 Go to Setting > General Account Setting.
You’ll be able to see an option “Download a copy of your Facebook data” at the bottom.Just click on it and it will start downloading you facebook account data. 

Step 3 : Just go to below link in order to delete facebook account. 

Step 4 : Now just click on delete my account, to delete facebook account permanently. 

 Step 5 : Enter your password and enter the captcha then click on OK. 

 Step 6 : You are done !! 

  NOTE : Facebook will take 14 days to delete your account. If you log in to your account during that period could prevent it from being deleted.

#5. How To View Private Facebook Pictures

Privacy settings in Facebook help the users to hide or lock their profile pictures and other pictures from public or specific people.This setting is pretty necessary to use looking at the increase in users of Facebook so that unknown user/stranger is not able to get access to your profile picture or other albums.However,even after using this setting there is a way where one can view private facebook pictures.In this article we are going to share how to view private facebook pictures. 
 Step 1 : First of all open the timeline of which you want to view private facebook pictures.Now you need a Username or Profile ID of person whom profile picture you want to see. 
 Step 2 : Just copy the Username and Profile ID in notepad or anywhere are the url. 
 Step 3 : Then replace the Paste-username-here from the below given link with the Username or profile ID. Then it will looks like as below :- 
Step 4 :  Now to copy link and paste them into new tab of browser. 
 Step 5 : Just press the enter and view private facebook pictures. 
🙂 Note : This guide is for educational purpose only !! Don’t miss use anyone’s photos.

#6. How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

1. First of all log in to your facebook account where you want to block game requests on facebook. 

 2. Now for the next step on how to block game requests on facebookGo to this link [ Games Activity ] 

 3. Now you have to find an app/game you want to ignore invite or to block Facebook game requests for and click on the “X” button.

  Note : This will decline any requests to play this Facebook game. This will not block game invites on facebook. 

 4. When you click on “X” button the following additional option will appears on the screen. 

 5. In the yellow box, click “ignore all requests from” and you’ll never receive about that from your friend who keeps on inviting you on facebook. 

 6. Now click on Block [App/Game Name] and then click Confirm. To block game invites on facebook.

 7.  You are successfully block game requests on facebook !! 🙂

#7. Stop Facebook Auto Play Videos

Now Facebook automatically plays video on the web and also on iPhone, iPad and Android. You can easily turn it off. 

So, if you don’t want to see annoying videos playing automatically then just follow the following one of best facebook tricks : 

 On the web
 go to Settings >> Videos >> Auto-play Videos >> Off. 

 On iPhone 
go to Settings  >> Videos & Photos >> Auto-play >> Never Play Videos Automatically. 

 On Android 
go to Settings >> App Settings >> Video Auto-play >> Off. 

 You can also choose that play video only when on Wi-Fi network of this you have to choose “only use WiFi” on iPhone or Android so that you don’t use your cellular data to play those videos automatically.

#8. Turn Off Facebook Notifications on Your Phone

Getting many notifications on facebook ? or Tired of getting notifications every hour ! ? Then you can easily get rid of these notifications on android or iPhone and stop them. Stopping these notifications does not stop the message notifications you will still get the new message notifications that great !! Just follow the below steps to turn off facebook notifications !! 

 On the iPhone 
 Go to Settings >> Notifications >> Tap on Facebook >> Turn off the Allow Notifications option. 

 On Android 
 Go to Facebook >> Tap on the Three Lines in the upper right >> App Settings >> Uncheck Notifications.

#9. Post Blank Status On Facebook

Posting blank or empty status on Facebook is funny right? 
Yes ,now you can do this without using any extension or software. Here is trick which allows you to post blank status.Just Press Alt button on keyboard and type 0173 and click on post button to post blank status update.

#10. Schedule Facebook Status Updates

You can easily schedule your facebook status updates just as facebook posts there is website named Buffer which allows you to set schedule status update. By using this service you can write some status update and set the time to schedule the status.
Buffer also allows you to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The Buffer app is also avalible for Android and Google Chrome Browser.

Before Summing Up.

  Above are the best facebook tricks 2023. I hope you will enjoy and use these facebook tricks. Bookmark this page now because we will update this page with latest best facebook hacks. Don’t forget to share these tricks with your frndzzz………
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