Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts to Accelerate your Firefox Experience

Boost your productivity while browsing the web with Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts. Learn about the benefits of using shortcuts ..

Are you tired of constantly switching between your mouse and keyboard while browsing the web? Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to streamline your workflow and save time when using Mozilla Firefox. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of using keyboard shortcuts in Firefox, and provide you with some useful shortcuts to get you started.

Using keyboard shortcuts in Firefox can significantly increase your productivity. With just a few keystrokes, you can quickly navigate the browser, access your favorite websites, and perform various actions without having to rely on your mouse. This can help you complete your tasks faster and more efficiently, allowing you to focus on other important things.

Firefox offers a range of customizable keyboard shortcuts that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. You can access these shortcuts by going to the Firefox settings and selecting the "Shortcuts" tab.

Let's  get started with some keyboard shortcuts...

Alt + Left Arrow

  • Back a page.


  • Back a page.

Alt + Right Arrow

  • Forward a page.


  • Refresh current page, frame, or tab.


  • Display the current website in full screen mode. 
  • Pressing F11 again will exit this mode.


  • Stop page or download from loading.

Ctrl + (- or +)

  • Increase or decrease the font size, pressing '-' will decrease and '+' will increase.

Ctrl + Enter

  • Quickly complete an address. 
  • For example, type  in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get website

Shift + Enter

  • Complete a .net instead of a .com address.

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

  • Complete a .org address.

Ctrl + Shift + Del

  • Open the Clear Data window to quickly clear private data.

Ctrl + D

  • Add a bookmark for the page currently opened.

Ctrl + I

  • Display available bookmarks.

Ctrl + J

  • Display the download window.

Ctrl + N

  • Open New browser window.

Ctrl + P

  • Print current page / frame.

Ctrl + T

  • Opens a new tab.

Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + W

  • Closes the currently selected tab

Ctrl + Shift + T

  • Undo the close of a window.

Ctrl + Tab

  • Moves through each of the open tabs.


  • Moves down a page at a time.

Shift + Spacebar

  • Moves up a page at a time

Alt + Down arrow

  • Display all previous text entered in a text box and/or available options on drop down menu.
Taadaa.. We'll  be adding more on this list  soon

Summing up:

 if you want to take your browsing experience to the next level, consider incorporating keyboard shortcuts into your Firefox workflow. With a little practice, you'll soon find that using shortcuts is much faster and more efficient than relying on your mouse alone. So why not give it a try and see how it can help you be more productive while using Firefox?

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