Proven Steps to Make Money through Blogging

By blogging you can make money from different online advertising networks like Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing.

Almost everyone uses the internet now a day. It means they visit a lot of blogs every day. I noticed that a lot of them don’t know about blogging. They think a blog is managed by a company like a newspaper. But, many blogs are managed by a single person. These are personal blogs. Even you can create a blog and become admin of the blog. Next thing is about "Make money through blogging". They don’t know about it. When I said a few of my friends, they became surprised. Some of them didn’t trust me at all. Even though they trust it, they think you have to invest money to make money. But, the truth is you can make money without investing any/less money and in a legal way.

By blogging you can make money from different online advertising networks like Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing.

But, how blogging is going to help you earn some bucks?

Let’s know about it.

To fulfill your dream, you must have a blog/site. Here you will find all the tutorial to make a blog and start earning. For that, visit this - Step by Step Blogger Tutorials.

Make Money through Blogging

Let’s divide our life into 3 stages-

1.Student life

- by blogging a student can make their pocket money. They can maintain a blog during their leisure period. You don’t need any special requirement for that.

2.Job life

It can be divided into 4 further categories.

2.1.Unemployed person

- It can solve the unemployment problem of many developing countries. An unemployed person can make it a profession and make a lot of money.

2.2.An employed person with low income

- There are a lot of people who are earning is not sufficient to maintain his family. Those people can earn extra money and fulfill their needs.

2.3.An employed person with high income

- Money requires everywhere. And if you could earn money utilizing your leisure period, would you like to miss that chance? I think no. You can take it as a hobby and earn some extra money.


- Now a day, all want to be self-employed. A housewife can earn money for herself and her family by blogging. You don’t even need to go outside for that. You can make money from home.

3.After retirement

- It is a really great opportunity for someone to earn after retirement. Now, you don’t need to be sad after your retirement. You can continue your working life by blogging and making money. You can also feel like a teacher and share your all knowledge with others. You can keep connected with different people and can become their fan by publishing the good article.

How Does Blogging Help your business 

Promote your Business or Brand

The blogging help you to promote your business or brand and increase your earnings. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for that. It is more beneficial than other ways of promoting.

Build fans and earn their trust

Suppose you have launched a new company. Blogging is the best way for the publicity of your company or brand. But, publicity is not enough for business. Because people may not believe you or your company. By blogging you can build your fans and earn their respect and trust. This will be beneficial for your company.

Business experience

The skills and experiences someone gains through blogging are useful for success in the business environment.

Business success

By blogging you can make your business successful by -

Staying ahead of the Competition

Now a day, people like to search google for what they need. For example, you need a new laptop. You have chosen a model. You want to know which laptop dealer sells the laptop. There are 3 laptop dealers in your town. 2 dealers have their own blog and other dealer doesn’t have a blog. If you get information from home, you wouldn’t go outside for it. So you would like to search on google first and you can know about those 2 dealers who have a blog. Other dealers will be far behind in the competition and make him less credible than his other 2 competitors.

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